HOW DO WE SUPPLY OUR FILES? We can accept files as original Mac artwork in Quark or In-Design or as Hi-Res PDF’s. Your files can be sent to us via e-mail or we can collect discs and laser proofs, if you prefer.

CAN I SEE A PROOF? Yes, we are happy to supply a proof for your approval, although we find, from experience, that most orders are processed without.

HOW DO WE SUPPLY FILES FOR PERSONALISATION? In this case we must have original artwork, in either Quark or In-Design, with personalised data supplied as an Excel file. All images for personalisation must have exactly the same name in the database as in the document. Please contact a member of our technical staff for further details.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? Most orders are processed within 3 working days, but “all things are possible” – contact production for an up-to-date delivery schedule.

WHAT ABOUT DELIVERY CHARGES? Delivery is FREE within the Manchester area, deliveries to other destinations will be charged at the appropriate rate, according to distance, timings etc.

FAQs continued...
Client Testimonial Frazer Hennessey. Production Director, GyroHSR
Scan Plus have been a supplier of ours for over 20 yrs. From their original repro through the transition into digital print they have always offered quality, service & value for money. With the need for lower print runs and quicker turnaround, without any loss of quality, we find Scan Plus invaluable as our preferred supplier

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